Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Art Show Results and Other Stuff

They finally announced the South Jordan Art Show results, and I got ribbons on all three entries. It was really nice to have that recognition and I didn't really expect it. There were some really good entries in the show. I have to go to a city council meeting to pick up my awards. Man from Angola got the highest recognition and I've now hung that piece in a prominent place in my house. I love it and I'm glad that's the one that won.

I've started a job as a concept artist in the video game field and I'm extremely lucky to be employed right now. So many artists are having a hard time in this current market and I don't take my job for granted. It's been a challenge having just graduated, but I love it. I can't say what projects these are for, but here are some recent pieces of digital art. Not all of them are for projects, I get some time to just create as well. It's really fun. The dog is one that runs around the office, she's an adorable chubby dachsund.